Family Fun Day –Scaplen’s Court- June 2019: featuring ‘Mayhem at the Inn – Poole 1623’

Rotary Club of Poole Bay hosted an event at Scaplen’s Court in June 2019, on behalf of Poole Museum, in order to celebrate the successful completion of the Pirates, Castaways & Codfish project and to continue to share the product of our work. The event comprised the following and our feedback from visitors was very positive and supportive:

  • An exhibition of the work of the project

  • Pirate boat building

  • Shanty singing

  • Storytelling – Jane’s Story – Poole 1628

  • Refreshments, and

  • Our play ‘Mayhem at the Inn – Poole 1623’

The play was written especially for the event and performed three times by the Scaplen’s Court Players, a troupe of local actors that first came together for the event. (The script for the play may be found elsewhere in this blog)

The day was so well received that we planned a second full weekend event in 2020. Sadly that was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. We still hope to run this in 2021 and there is a second play planned for that event – ‘Elizabeth Hyde, Poole’s Glorious Revolutionary – Poole 1688’.

This Video and webpage (produced for us by local talents at Worksity) draws together the product of our first such event in June 2019 with a view to further promoting our work through drama in future.